Our 12th...

Time truly seems to fly by when your in love and living life with your best-friend at your side. This anniversary we thought we'd do something special as we had missed really celebrating our 10th. Back then we were still learning to walk with our new "parents of two" feet. 

Now our feet seem to be fully functional and so we decided to put our physical walking abilities to the test!

On our weekend get away we found ourselves holding hands quite often and  relying on some great modern GPS technology, which I also like to call RGPS, as Ray defiantly kept us walking in the right direction.

I found myself looking down often in amazement at all the brilliantly coloured leafs we were seeing. Some serious beauty was found under our feet! 

Ray found us this great little coffee/bakery shop which I was just thrilled to be at. We proceeded to do some more sight seeing and some shopping, all by foot. I believe Ray's watch informed us at we had walked 11000 steps on that day. 

Rain or shine we were determined to make the most of our time together! 

We hit up the art gallery, which was interesting as we spent more time in the gift shop than the rest of the museum. There was only one installation for us to view, the rest was closed as they were about to put in new installations and works of art. The building was a grant but sadly grand and empty :-(  

That evening we were ready for a special supper out at this great little foodie type of restaurant! We both tried something new, I had this yummy zucchini spaggeti with a great sauce and Ray had duck on this colourfully sweet salad. I was drawn to this place as they take their ingredients from local farmers and prepare everything fresh for your meal. It had a great atmosphere and was only a short bus ride away.

_______ Praise the Lord, for a partly sunny day for our woodlands experience. Such a cool place and wonderful spot to reflect on His creation. 

 After a morning in the woods we tackled the city jungle with these hilariously fun motorized bikes Ray found. We got to see a lot of land and water this way and I think I laughed most of the time using it. It makes you go surprisingly fast and at times I thought I was going to take out women and children whom were crossing the bike paths. It was a blast and it made for a memorable experience. 

There is nothing quite like a quiet night in after being in the hustle and bustle all day long.  

Finally a few things I've learnt about marriage that may bless you too.

1. Holding hands allows for good team work, plus you can't stay mad at each other when doing so. At least this was our experience. 

2.Wear the right shoes.
Regardless of a fashion statement you are or are not trying to make, having the right shoes to arrive to your destination is crushel and having the right tools in marriage to help direct your path and can make all the difference in the world. 

3. Laughing together is good for your marriage... we started our courtship with having fun together and we plan on carrying on this way. It makes life so good. 

4. We didn't let things like a closed down food truck derailed us. What's really important? The designation or the walk to get there? My vote is for the journey.

5. The grass isn't greener.
I missed my kids so very much and after spending a few days living like we lived without our kids the realization was that hot restaurant meals eaten with both hands is just that, however the interruption of little voices and hands is a real blessing. It's full and fun and always changing and exciting and at times challenging. I enjoy my life with them and wouldn't have it any other way! So don't let the posts on social medias of pretty little things or people doing seemly cool activities distract you from the good things that are right in front of you and perhaps it is truly all that you need! 

6. The last lesson was revealed to me on the plan... the sun is always shinning above the clouds. During the storms instead of freaking out will reminded myself to breath, and focus on the son, even though I don't see it always through the rain. 

Hope you've enjoyed the glimpse into our little get away, and that you too will see that your life can be good. Its all about stepping in the right direction.  


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