SBH- Day 20 - 27

Day 20 - I love it how the kids will play with anything including their afternoon snacks. It's beautiful to watch their imagination at play.

Day 20 - She's becoming such a beautiful little lady!
 Day 22- All ready to receive a wonderful group of women tonight! 

 Day 23 - Quiet playing time at the beach! Love it!
 Day 23- The perks of being at Mamie's, Rhubins for lunch... my favorite. 
 Day 25 - Even when the kids are sick, they come out with such beautiful creative ideas. 
 Day 24 - Years ago spending the day painting a gazebo with my dad would of seemed ordinary and a lot of work. Instead it was quite refreshing and surprisingly peaceful. Thankful for my parents. 
 Day 26 - Beauty is found in love that is tried and true 40 years and counting. Happy Anniversary. 

 Day 27 - Keeping my eyes on the Son. God is always good. 


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