Summer Beauty Hunt- Catch Up! Day 10-19

Day 10- Refreshing Summer Run

Day 11 - Impromptu Date Night!! 
 Day 12 - Invested loving grandparents
 Day 13 - Thankful I don't have to go far these beauties. My mom grow the love of flowers in me at a young age. Today we celebrate their wedding anniversary. Love you both! 
Day 14 - It's a beautiful thing to be able to do something that you love with your children.  
 Day 14- Worshiping God with flags and music to change our atmosphere. 

Day 16 - Car swinging after a morning/day out and about at the doctors and Papa's work. 

 Day 17 - Even after a storm, new beauty can be found.

Day 18 - Quietish morning prayer time. When I took this picture there was a full blown tantrum happening in my living room, life is not perfect but beauty can still be found in the imperfections. 

Day 19 - Blessed to have such wonderful fathers in our life, Pépères, but most of all the love of our Heavenly Father. 


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