Today I choose to see beauty

Every day we are faced with all sorts of choices.

A choice to start the day right, a choice as to what we will wear, what we will eat, what will we do with our time and our energy etc.

Everyday we need to choose how we think, our attitude and our behaviour.

Whatever you must do in a day, you are always faced with hundreds of choices.

I've had friend expressed some time ago how they'd love to see a day in our lives.
I also love it when my friend captures her day (or week) through photos on her blog.

I'm planning to do something similar, but instead of capturing our routine I'm going to focus on beauty.

This summer I'm going to attempt to share 92 photos (or more), one or more photos a day of things I've found to be beautiful.

My hope is that it will lead me to meditate on God's awesome and gorgeous world He has created.

Join me as I attempt to focus on the beauty of summer.

June 1 – A quiet morning devotional time

June 2 – The love of their Pépère

 June 3 – Feeling loved when preparing a snack
 June 4 – A daughter who is content in her mess.


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